Find out what people are saying about ITFIT. Below is a list of testimonials from different clients who have seen real results through one of the three ITFIT programs.

Intentional Training and Fitness

"I enjoy playing volleyball year round both indoors and at the beach. Since becoming an IT Fit client, I have significantly strengthened my core and shoulders enabling me to move more quickly and hit the ball harder. The post-game day pain and immobility have been eradicated! Lee knows how to engineer a workout to strengthen weak areas and challenge my strengths. I am even motivated to make healthier food choices and workouts at IT Fit have become an amazing part of my stress management regime. In addition to these benefits, she makes the experience fun!"

Kim Kukura, RN
Manager, HCMS (Behavioral Health)
Intentional Training and Fitness

"When I began working out with Lee at IT Fit, I was very excited but a little scared at the same time.  I had never worked out with a personal trainer.  I am that person who has tried every workout program out there, from Insanity to Sweatin with the Oldies. I really enjoy the programs at first, but then I get bored because it is the same workout over and over and I very rarely see results. 

As soon as I began working out with Lee at IT Fit, I could feel a difference.  I have never seen the results with any other workout program as I have with IT Fit.  My weight was not changing drastically, but my clothes were definitely fitting different and I found things were starting to get baggy.  The exercises Lee uses burn fat and build muscle.  I never get bored with the workouts because she always mixes up the exercises and is constantly bringing out new things.

I am also learning to eat healthier so I have more energy and feel better overall.  It is definitely true that what you eat directly affects your every day life.  I am so thankful for IT Fit and I look forward to what the next workout is going to bring. "

Carrie Curles
Virginia Beach, VA